In Christ; abundant life! John 10:10b

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Sometimes God Says No

Sometimes God says no! It’s an answer to prayer we don’t often want to hear, especially if the solution is well within His power to say yes and would benefit us or those we love.

Good That Comes Out of Trouble

When the pressure of life is upon us, it is our enemy’s desire to rob us of the certainty that God can use even our trouble to show us His goodness and bring us to victory!


One of the things that hinders our full dependence on God is a gift that He gave us. It’s called freewill. We get to choose what we will do.

Your Response to Trouble

The Scripture records that faith comes by hearing. I submit to you that doubt and fear come the same way. Whatever you consistently devote yourself to will manifest when trouble comes.

Unlikely Candidates

God is not from here, He doesn’t do things they way we do! He always chooses the most unlikely candidates to bring His will and purpose to pass.