In Christ, there is life! John 10:10b

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Bless The Lord!

When you bless the Lord, when you exalt His name, when you worship Him with your time, your treasure andy our talents choose to bless Him with ALL, with everything, withholding nothing!


There are benefits bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus for those who love and serve Him!

Forgiveness & Healing

When our Lord forgave our sins, He paved the way for healing to take place in our lives. Likewise, when we forgive others, restoration is possible through the healing of relationships.


God not only redeems our life from things designed to harm us, but He has a plan for our God-given destiny.

Stay Faithful

God wants us to be faithful to do whatever He has called us to do! If we fail in that assignment, our part is missing in the plan of God.