In Christ, there is life! John 10:10b

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The Gift of Kingdom Keys

When facing your life issues, may I encourage you today to take full advantage of the gift of Kingdom Keys, binding and loosing in Jesus Name!

Jesus Is Alive!

Jesus did not stay dead after the crucifixion, He arose on the 3rd day with all power in His hand. Because He did, our faith is not in vain and our sins are forgiven.


All of our busyness is not necessarily bad in its proper place, but it can easily distract us from pursuing a consistent, and lasting relationship with God.

Stir Up Your Gift

If we allow our talents or our gifts given to us by our Master, to lie dormant because of fear, the gift becomes of no use to God or anyone else!

How God Views Sin

We humans have devised a scale measuring what we contend is a different level of sin. God, not so much! To Him, sin is sin. And all sin separates us from Him.

The Gift of Peace

When the chaos and the noise of this world causes you to be unsettled and you just want some peace, go to the Rock, who is the Prince of Peace!

Faith In Action

God wants us to be His hands extended by representing Him in such a way that people who don’t know Jesus are drawn to Him.

Don’t Let Your Sword Go Limp!

We have the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, but often we allow it to go limp by not using it consistently or giving up before we see the victory.


The dictionary defines the word assurance as “a positive declaration intended to give confidence. This type of assurance can only come from God!