In Christ; abundant life! John 10:10b

The Book

Zoë Abundant Life – Words of Encouragement is exactly what the name represents. Words of abundant life filled with encouragement. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Marilyn Roberts has written a collection of articles intertwined with experiences from her own life. Revealed are practical applications showing the value of spending time with God, getting to know Him and His character, standing in faith on His promises and, in the process, receive support to fight the good fight of faith! You’ll be blessed to read revealed nuggets of truth from God’s word that will inspire and motivate you to trust the Lord and believe His promises.

This book presents a collection of inspiring thoughts and reflections. Compiled into 26 quick, easy-to-read sections, you’ll find it provides immediate, convenient access to encouragement and revelatory truth. Marilyn Robert’s style of writing is relatable, accessible, optimistic and lively. Zoë Abundant Life – Words of Encouragement truly is an inspiring read!

Whether you read it as a daily devotional, choose a topic from the table of contents, or begin reading from cover to cover, you won’t be disappointed in the inspiration and encouragement that only the Holy Spirit can bring.